That night we met for a short tech talk and meeting.

    Thursday we took a long and beautiful drive around the Willapa estuary, (with a welcome stop for gas) , stopping at the Quarantine Station where from 1899-1938 we learned how emigrants were processed and treated or held if they had disease or were sick.  The weather was perfect, and we then drove to a picnic lunch in Ilwaco, and on to the Ilwaco Heritage Museum to learn about peninsula history.  Our last stop was the International Kite Museum in Long Beach.  Most of us saw more kites than we imagined could possibly fly!  We were treated with our own kite kit! 

Next we drove a few back roads, through some neighborhoods to reach the Tongue Point Job Corps Center where we parked on the recreation field and enjoyed a hamburger barbeque with students and staff.  We and around 200 students had most of an hour to eat, relax and visit with us and look at our cars.  This was another effort to share our history with young people and they were grateful.  Later, we heard about the programs offered to the 480 students ages 16 to 24.  Many are union certified and when students graduate they have jobs awaiting.    Some of the 18 offered training programs were Maritime, carpentry, masonry, glazing, landscape maintenance,  office and business, hospitality, and medical systems.  In addition to vocational offerings, students can qualify for college attendance. 

  We had our group dinner and then a meeting back at Chautauqua Lodge.  Gerry and is daughter Lori are planning next years meet for Cottage Grove, Oregon, and John and Larry stepped up for a 2019 meet in the Bremerton, Washington area.  Friday we said our “goodbyes” and lets meet again!

    As your hosts, Chuck and Sara hope you had a good time.  We sure did!  AND everyone who enjoyed our company sure gave us plenty of accolades as we are such nice folks!
sara + chuck

NWDB Car Gathering on the Long Beach Peninsula, September 12-15, 2017
    44 members gathered for an enjoyable time of sharing our cars, friendships and learning some history.  We have Joy to thank, wife of Mike, for the great printed out schedule of all events!  We drove across the 4.2 mile Astoria bridge to share our 15 cars with residents at the Clatsop Retirement Village, and then on to Warrenton High School where the Classic Car Club is mentoring an auto class.  Their principal was so supportive that  half the student body was able to come out to see our cars, ask us questions and honk our horns!  Students seemed impressed at how heavy, beautiful, and simple were our cars.  We lifted our hoods and many questions got answered.